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Ian Grant is a photographer that has grown up in the Snowy Mountains since the age of 6 years old. Living in this unique location has enabled him to capture the stunning landscapes that are on offer in his area. Developing his skills in the Snowy Mountains has allowed Ian to capture other stunning places that represent his style of adventure.

Living in this location has pushed Ian towards capturing the unique landscapes and sharing them with everyone but also does a variety of other styles of photography. These styles range from sports and portraits to even aerials. This all depends on what the location has to offer.

Get into contact with Ian below to see how he is able to help with any photography or videography needs or explore the website to see what products are on offer and what Ian has been able to capture.

Contact Me

E -

T - +61 455 120 441

Thanks for submitting! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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